It seems like no time from I was digging out the winter woolies and now we're having glorious sunny days. Why not take advantage of this spell of weather and get started on your hard landscaping! Give me a ring on 07854544764 and I'll help you get started.
I've spent a lot of time today on design work. Customers are taking advantage of the mild weather and getting started into their gardens. If I can help you get going with your garden project, give me a ring 07854544764
We're off to a flying start this year. It's good to see people planning ahead and getting their gardens ready to be enjoyed in the summer. Give me a ring if I can help to kick start your project 07854544764
I've put up this new site to replace the out of date one and I want to fill the galleries with pictures of the work people have completed with our slabs. Please email us your pictures or give me a ring so I can call past and take some.